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Shown: Insert in Right Hand Toolholder LITTLEBIT® External/Internal Grooving Tools LITTLEBIT® Tooling by THINBIT®/Kaiser Tool Company

LITTLEBIT® Insertable  External/Internal  Grooving Tools

  • For internal diameters of 1.250” and larger
  • For Depths of Cut 1-1/2 to 3 times groove width
  • Groove widths .004” - .125” in .001” increments
  • Inserts can groove, turn/bore and generate profiles.
  • Inserts can also be used for face grooving.
  • Cuts to within 1/16" of shoulder. To work against a shoulder, see GROOVE 'N TURN® grooving tools.
  • CNC, Swiss, Conventional and round toolholders of various sizes and orientations available.