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We are an industry leader at making custom toolingDESIGN-A-GROOVE® Custom Geometry ToolsDESIGN-A-GROOVE® Tooling by THINBIT®/Kaiser Tool Company

DESIGN-A-GROOVE® Custom Geometry Tooling

  • Modify standard grooving, face grooving, threading and parting inserts or have our engineering staff design a custom one-of-a-kind tool.
  • Standard insert blank widths and lengths fit in standard toolholders. Custom toolholders to orient inserts at non-standard angles.
  • Lead angles, top rakes, chip breakers, chamfers, clearance angles, radii, depth of cut, special tolerances and custom forms are all possible.
  • Our experienced engineering staff will design a custom tool for your application.
Custom Geometry Tooling
DESIGN-A-GROOVE® Custom Geometry Solid Carbide Grooving Tools DESIGN-A-GROOVE® Custom Geometry Solid Carbide Grooving Tools
DESIGN-A-GROOVE® Special Geometry Inserts DESIGN-A-GROOVE® Special Geometry Inserts
DESIGN-A-GROOVE® Special Geometry Toolholder DESIGN-A-GROOVE® Special Geometry Toolholder

Competitive Prices
Fast Delivery

  • Submit an application print detailing your requirements. Include company name, contact name, email, telephone and fax numbers. Submissions can be faxed or emailed to:
  • A quote will be returned within 48 hours which will include CAD drawings, price, delivery and payment terms.
  • Review the quote information and CAD drawings. Fill in the ‘Quote Summary Sheet’ with item quantities and approval signatures.
  • Fax or Email the ‘Quote Summary Sheet’ to our sales office.
  • The order will be confirmed via fax or email. The confirmation will summarize order and include delivery date.
  • Kaiser Tool Company protects the confidentiality of each customer's custom tool design. An individual number is assigned to the tool that is associated with the customer’s account. No other customer may purchase the tool without written permission from the original customer.
  • Customer prints submitted for quoting and design processes are confidential and kept on file with the quotation. These documents are not given to other customers.
  • The tool design and related information is confidential and the sole property of Kaiser Tool Company, Inc. The disclosure of this confidential information does not constitute the release of any proprietary rights. Permission to reproduce the information or the products disclosed must be obtained in writing from Kaiser Tool Company, Inc. Tool designs may utilize patented or patent pending technologies.