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Shown: 3mm insert, 90° profileDEEPGROOVE® Insertable External Chamfering Tools DEEPGROOVE® Tooling by THINBIT®/Kaiser Tool Company

DEEPGROOVE® Insertable External Chamfering Tools

  • 3mm insert, 90° profile for external chamfering
  • Recessed pocket and raised edge for chip control
  • Inserts can also be used for threading, parting, grooving and face grooving.
  • Toolholder shank sizes 3/4", 1", 16mm, 20mm and 25mm in straight and 90º orientations. Round toolholders in 3/4" and 1".
  • Geometries including lead angles, top rakes, chip breakers, clearance angles and custom forms can be provided on all THINBIT® tooling.