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Kaiser Tool Company Trade Names & Products

As a world leader in the manufacture of small precision cutting tools, Kaiser Tool Company, Inc. is proud of our product lines and trade names. We strive to maintain the highest product integrity and reputation.

kaiser tool dot com         thinbit dot com
Our website is dedicated to providing product information to help our customers select the appropriate tooling for their needs.



NOTE: Other registered trademarks licensed to Kaiser Tool Company, Inc. are DURA-MAX®, DM-2®, DM-3®, DM-4®, DM-5®, DM-8®, DM-9®, WE CAN DO THAT!®, YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN SMALL PLACES®, MORE TOOLS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A LATHE AT®, LET'S GROOVE®, and ARE WE PROUD OF HOW IT ALL STARTED? JUST A LITTLE BIT®.